Neurosurgeon SalaryDue to the difficulty and complexity of their job, the physicians that perform operations are among the best paid medical doctors. When dealing with organs so delicate and, at the same time, so complicated, like the brain is, the responsibility is much greater; so is the salary – especially the (pediatric) neurosurgeon salary. The truth is that the neurosurgeons receive some of the highest wages in the healthcare field.

Of course, their salaries are influenced by the same factors affecting the pay of the other professions, but they are still very high, in comparison with other medical jobs. This article presents a short outline of the neurosurgeon job and it also shows how the salaries of the brain surgeons vary, influenced by several factors. The final portion of this post reveals the neurosurgeon average salary offered in various regions and countries.

Neurosurgeon Job Description

When thinking to neurosurgery, the great majority of people associate this only with the brain; more precisely, they think that the neurosurgeons operate only on the brain. Well, this is not true, since a neurosurgeon is a highly trained physician who treats disorders that affect various parts of the nervous system (not only the brain, but also the spine or the peripheral nerves), by using surgeries. Even if they can’t offer a complete answer to the question “what is neurosurgery?”, most people intuit that the neurosurgeon salaries are very high, due to the complexity and delicacy of the organs that these physicians have to operate.

These huge salaries are paid not only for the neurological surgery, but also for some other tasks that the neurosurgeon has to accomplish; he or she must examine the patient, diagnose the diseases that affect the nervous system, and even prevent this type of disorders. The neurosurgery career can be enriched by specializing in one of the following specialties (that are named after the part of the nervous system that is dealt with): spine surgery, brain surgery, neurovascular surgery, etc. The average neurosurgeon salary increases, of course, after pursuing any additional training (for specialization). They can also specialize in pediatric neurosurgery, radiosurgery, etc.

The Variation of the Neurosurgeon Salaries

Just like any other wage, the pay of the “brain surgeons” is not fixed – it varies, influenced by the very same factors which modify the wages of any other occupation. First, there is the geographical location of the workplace; more precisely, the neurosurgeon’s income varies by country, state and region (area). The United States are offering the highest neurosurgery salary in the world; in US, the neurosurgeons can enjoy an average wage of more than $700,000 per year. The state and the region are other important influential factors for this occupation’s income, since some states and (non)metropolitan areas offer higher salaries for this medical profession than the others. The experience level, the employment sector and industry, the establishment’s type and even the specialties are essential factors of influence for the level of the earnings of this highly trained physician.

Average Neurosurgeon Salary in Various Regions

In the United States, the salary of a neurosurgeon is, on average, the highest wage in the world, paid for this occupation. The annual salary of such a physician is reported to be, in US, between $170,000 and about $800,000. The average wage for this occupation is, in the USA, around $350,000 per year, without bonuses. The top 10% of the professionals practicing this job in US earn more than $790,000 per year.

In Australia, the brain surgeons can earn an annual wage of about 240,000 AUD. However, the average income of such a highly trained physician ranges, in Australia, between 50,000 AUD and 200,000 AUD. When it comes to the neurosurgeon salary, UK offers annual wages between £40,000 and £450,000, including bonuses; the median pay for the brain surgeons is, in the United Kingdom, at the value £100,000, which means that half of the neurosurgeons practicing in UK earn less than £100,000 per year, while the other half earn yearly more than £100,000. In Canada, these brain surgeons can earn up to 300,000 CAD per year, the median salary for the neurosurgeons (working in Canada) being about 250,000 CAD per year.

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